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Cookies Policy

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit the Dogneed online store ( These files contain information that our servers can access during your subsequent visits to our website.

Types of Cookies We Use

  1. Functional and Essential Cookies: These cookies are essential for ensuring an optimal shopping experience on They help facilitate core functions such as smooth checkout processes and personalized account settings.

  2. Analytical Cookies: We utilize analytical cookies to gather statistics from third-party sources, enabling us to understand how our website is utilized. This data guides us in making continuous improvements to enhance user experience while prioritizing your privacy through third-party software like Google Analytics.

  3. Marketing-Related Cookies: Dogneed and selected third parties set these cookies to personalize your browsing experience based on your online behavior, searches, and purchases. This allows us to offer tailored deals and track advertisements viewed or clicked across various websites.

  4. Search Page Cookies: Our website employs specific cookies for the search engine, ensuring immediate display of relevant products based on your searches. Insights gained from these cookies contribute to enhancing our search capabilities, providing you with a more efficient shopping experience.

Third-Party Cookies

We may utilize various third-party cookies, including but not limited to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Inc., and Instagram Inc., to manage and distinguish between the mentioned cookie types. Please note that while we strive to ensure the protection of your data, we have limited control over these third-party cookies.

Control Over Cookies

As a valued visitor or customer of, you have control over your cookies. You can easily manage your cookie preferences through your web browser settings on both desktop and mobile devices.

Instructions for Managing Cookies:

  • Chrome: Click on the three dots in the top right corner -> History -> Clear browsing data.
  • Safari: Go to Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy -> Manage Website Data -> Select -> Remove.
  • Microsoft Edge: Click on the three dots -> Settings -> Privacy, Search, and Services -> Clear Browsing Data -> Choose what to clear -> Cookies and other site data -> Clear Now.
  • Internet Explorer: Click the gear icon -> Internet Options -> General tab -> Browsing History -> Delete -> Cookies and website data -> Delete.
  • Firefox: Click on the three bars -> Options -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and Site Data -> Manage Data -> Remove All.

This Cookies Policy is designed to ensure transparency regarding the use of cookies on If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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